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Large & Small Properties for Sale in Panama

Welcome to our website. Our main focus is the offering of large Titled Forested properties in Panama, many of which are primary old growth. This type of property is in great decline because of the advanced rate of deforestation in the world today. The properties listed on this site are only a fraction of what is available, as we have arrangements with many owners of these types of properties, mainly in the Darien Provence, that we can offer to you. Our portfolio can recommend both small and very large sized parcels of forested land. In many instances, these properties contain a wealth of animal, insect and plant life, some endangered and some never even cataloged

The second focus of this website is the education and promotion of Carbon Credits, or Certified Carbon Offsets programs, with focus on the REDD+ programs which concern the protection of old growth primary forests. 

It has always been our contention that these primary old growth forests, especially in the Darien must have a huge storage of Carbon in them. The recent scientific study by the Smithsonian Institute seems to validate what we thought must be true. This is great news for Carbon Projects in the Darien and other jungle areas of Panama  as it will most probably make them more viable. This recent article documenting this Smithsonian Scientific mission by Catherine Potvin is in the link below:

Our twenty years of experience in the Panama market will provide you the expertise needed to select the best property for your purpose and give you a seamless transaction process.

Please send us your comments and questions as these projects develop.