It is of great interest to note the current trend in the Carbon Credit markets. We are now seeing a great change in the political swing that embraces liberal ideologies that influences the direction of Carbon offsets. We are now seeing that the new U.S. President will sign back on to the Paris accords with Mr Kerry becoming Environmental minister. We are also seeing Germany stepping up their efforts to not only complying with the Paris accords, but also influencing other governments to follow suit. We are even seeing the Russian President giving a strong indication that he will also step up efforts for compliance. These new occurrences will create a new and growing demand for the market, and already we are seeing international prices to average just above the $20. mark per credit. In addition, experts are now confirming that the old growth primary forests yield a much higher amount of tons of Carbon per hectare than previously thought. Reports now indicate 100 to 400 tons per hectare. In the past, finding this kind of information on the internet was almost impossible, but now, because of increased interest and changing political direction, this information is available. The Smithsonian article in the link on our homepage was only a beginning, as there is much more available to those who look for it. Awareness has finally grown into the mainstream.

              This is not only wonderful news, but it is also a very good opportunity for creating REDD+ Carbon Credit projects. These types of projects are primarily concerned with the protection of old growth forests. They are fairly straightforward and of a lower maintenance than other projects involving reforestation and social programs. They also happen to produce much more carbon per hectare and pay a higher premium. This is a win-win situation. There is no question that now is the time to act.